Medication Packaging

Medication packaging, known as “EZ Med Pack” includes specialized packaging designed to assist patients with medication organization by incorporating date and time into a multi dose packing system.

This service includes the pharmacist working with the patients and/or their caregivers to determine best time of day to take medications. Medications are organized into a color coded packaging and provided to you the same day monthly.

E-Z Med Pack may be delivered to your home. The pharmacist will work closely with patient, caregivers, and prescribers on a continual basis to ensure that the medications are up-to-date routinely.

Prescription Synchronization

Prescription Synchronization allows for increased convenience by decreasing trips to the pharmacy. We work with the patient and or the caregiver to align all the medications in his/her daily routine to be filled at the same time each month.

Our pharmacists will provide clinical medication management and monitoring for progression toward desired therapeutic goals during the time of medication pick-up or delivery.

Home Delivery

Medications can be quickly and safely delivered to your home. We proudly offer free delivery services in Lancaster city. Additional exclusions apply please call pharmacy for additional details.


Immunizing pharmacists are available. We provide complementary immunizations screenings following recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention through Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).

Flu, pneumococcal, tetanus and herpes zoster vaccines are available daily. Additional vaccines may be provided as recommended by your health care provider.

Consulting Services

A licensed pharmacist can assist in a variety of consultations helping to optimize the best medication regimen or over the counter product based on your needs.

In-depth Medication Therapy Management sessions are available with your pharmacist to ensure you are the most cost effective, simple regimen. Whether your priority is to reduce the cost of your prescriptions, understand your disease-state better or simplify your medication regimen, our pharmacists can help.

Comprehensive Medication Review “Brown Bag Review"

Our pharmacist will meet with you for a comprehensive assessment of medications, including prescription, over-the-counter, herbal medications and dietary supplements to identify medication-related problems, prioritize a list of medication therapy problems and create a patient-specific plan to resolve medication therapy problems working with the extended healthcare team.

340B Pharmacy

NCS Pharmacy is a 340B contracted pharmacy that provides specialize pharmacy care and case management services to covered entities and their patients.